Promises a natural, balanced and organized life.

By creating original designs, we effortlessly ensure that it reflects your uniqueness.

Our Story started with “ when i can’t find the product i’m looking for as in my imagination, i’ll do it “ ile başladı.

Our story, started by producing handmade bags and accessories from natural fabrics, turned into products that emerged with first class genuine leather when we added terms such as
“Sturdiness, Functionality, Being Organized “

to our designs. We produce it entirely by hand by blending First Class calf leather with high quality materials..

Inspired by our culture, we blend it with the minimalist style of the future and head for the present.
Thus, by staying true to the traces of the past, we help the simplicity of the future, protect our technological devices
with care and effortlessly, and carry them with us with pleasure.
We are growing day by day with love from our users.

Every day we feel, design and produce with the most valuable members of our family. This is a place where we can do the whole organization ourselves. From kitchen to accounting, from design to production, from shipping, to preparing your cargo, and even to product control, we handle everything one by one. We think about our every step down to the most important detail for you, and then we bring it to life with great enthusiasm. We carry out our technical and professional requirements step by step. We are bonded with love, we always strive to do better.
Tülay Yıldırım Olkun | CO-FOUNDER CEO   Ümit Olkun

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Phone : +90 (850) 227 2316
E-Mail : [email protected]

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