How to take care for leather?

OrganiCraft Deri Bakımı Nasıl Yapılır?

Leather is a natural and living material that is used as a tough and durable instrument since the beginning of time. With regular treatment, you can use it for a long time without any deformation or quality loss. You’ll create a more sustainable relationship with these timeless pieces, which you add to your daily routine, with a little care.

1.  How to use it?

The first key point is about the way of use. If it is a bag, be careful about the staining materials in the form of liquid or powder (water, coffee, cosmetics, or fragrance). Keeping them inside a pouch or a small case can be useful.

Remember, the heat, humidity, sweat, and rubbing of pocket carrying won’t have a positive effect on your small accessories like wallet, iPhone case, etc.

Protect all your leather accessories from the rough surfaces, that could cause scratches and damage, heavy rain or liquid contact, chemical contact, like cologne or perfume and physical force like pulling, pushing, or tangling.

Leather is a natural and flexible material. The accessories can lose their original form over time if under enough stress or heavy load.  Make sure to check the capacity of your bag, wallet or cardholder, etc.

When your leather gets wet, it’s enough to place your leather accessories in room temperature away from a heater or direct sunlight till it gets completely 

2.  How to clean a leather?

As a natural material, leather does not need extra cleaning when you use it carefully. So never wash your leather, especially in the washing machine. Avoid any cleaning products with alcohol, mineral, detergent, or chemical substance.

Don't use wet wipes as a cleaner. The chemicals they have can harm and stain your leather.

Over time, you may have some spots or stains on your leather wallet, bag, or iPhone case, even if you care. In that case, you can clean your leather with damp, soft cotton cloth if the stain is not chemical-based.  But some stains can remain. and, while you are persistently trying to remove, you can harm your leather more.  So a dry cleaner can be useful for extending the life and preserving the natural beauty of the material.


3.  How to care?


To maintain your leather materials with the original color and nature, you can follow some tricks and caring tips:

If you are using your leather accessory every day regularly, time to time removing everything and letting it breathe at non-heavy daylight can extend its life.

Conditioning leather at every two months, with a quality care product and a soft cotton cloth, can help to soften. It also helps to preserve its color and freshness, strengthen the protective barrier, and keep leather supple.

Cleaning your leather with a soft cotton cloth or a soft brush regularly can help to extend your leather’s life, even if there are not any spots or stains.

Find an expert for repairing.

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